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911 Emergency Calls

Reaching 911 Services

Internet-based CapTel (IP CapTel) phones utilize voice and data connections to allow the user to talk and read captions during a call. The voice connection may be through an analog telephone line or a compatible telephone service like a bundled cable telephone service. The captions are provided over a high-speed data connection.

Steps to Place a 911 Call:

  1. Your CapTel phone must be connected to a working telephone service and high speed internet

  2. Dial 911 on the CapTel phone with the captions light on

  3. The phone will automatically dial the most appropriate PSAP

  4. At the same time, the captioning service will be answered in a priority queue by a Captioning Assistant to provide captions of your emergency call

  5. You will be connected to an Emergency Services Provider

Requirements and Supported Devices

Internet-based CapTel Phones:

  • Supported CapTel phone models: 800i, 840i, 880i, 2400i

  • Telephone line: Analog, Cable digital phone service, DSL, Voice Over IP

  • Internet connection – DSL, Cable, WiFi, or 4G wireless networks*

* Data charges may apply while using 4G wireless networks.