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  • Website Updates with breaking news stories of wine thefts, bad sources of wine and discovered frauds popping up across the globe, often with commentary from our experts.
  • Email Alerts (Professional Members only) about recently discovered possible or known fraudulent sales or offers, and less-than reputable vendors and sources in the market.
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    • Counterfeiting trends and sources of bad bottles.
    • Newly discovered counterfeiting techniques and their sources.
    • Updated information about the tools and techniques used by experts to authenticate wines.
    • Additions to the Rudy Kurniawan evidence including detailed explanations of the labels, bottles, stamps, and other evidence with detailed notes and graphic depictions of the tells of his work.
    • Additions to the galleries of Counterfeit Bottles, Labels, Ink & Print, Corks & Capsules including actual counterfeit evidence discovered by our experts in the field.
    • Additions to the galleries of Authentic Bottles, Labels, Ink & Print, Corks & Capsules.
    • Coverage of current events in the markets related to wine fraud, including theft, adulteration, and mislabeling of bulk wines, IP infringement, and counterfeiting from the legal, the investigative, and the authenticator’s perspectives as well as anti-counterfeiting measures.
  • Quarterly In The Loupe® segments with in-depth coverage on a specific topics germane to various aspects of wine and wine authentication.
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