Presentations & TCM Authentication® Training FAQs

How do I register?

Registration is on our website. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the training program you wish to attend. After you purchase, we will be in touch with registration application information and to confirm training date preferences

Why do I have to fill out an Attendee Information & Declaration form (application)?

The application asks a variety of questions about previous collecting and work experience as well as relationship standing with certain people in the wine industry. It asks for two references as well. The application is to ensure that the only people coming to our training are there to learn about how to spot and avoid wine fraud. The seminar will include trade secrets that Maureen Downey has compiled in her 25 year career to combat wine fraud.  Our goal is educate,  not to aid the counterfeiters. The application also allows us to learn more about our attendees- their background, interests, and who they are so that we are can better understand and serve our audience.

When will you be in NYC / my area?

Hong Kong is the only place in Asia in which we will be hosting the trainings. We will be there October 2019. This will be our final public training.

There are no other locations or times we will be conducting the seminars, unless contracted to do so privately.

How do you know you aren’t training the bad guys?

We carefully vet each of our attendees to ensure that they are present to learn about wine fraud trade secrets to help protect their cellars, their clients, and their businesses. We ensure that the people in our trainings do not associate with the known bad guys in the industry. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible to know signs of a counterfeit to crack down on the sales of them.

Who should attend the presentation?

The presentation is a baseline for anyone wanting to know the basics of wine fraud. Every collector and person in the wine trade will benefit from this historical overview of the scourge of winefraud, who the players are, and how to protect your personal or business investments. More information here.

Who should attend training?

The trainings are for anyone interested in authentication work. If you spend time with fine wine, these two classes will teach you about the parts of the bottle, what to look for, anti-fraud technologies, we will work with real life examples of authentic and counterfeit bottles. More information here.

The Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation

is for all those interested in the topic of Wine Fraud and counterfeiting and understanding the basics of what counterfeiters do to expose the frauds. It begins with global look at the scale of wine fraud and the various types of wine fraud permeating markets today. We discuss Wine Fraud from ancient times through the recent cases of Hardy Rodenstock, Rudy Kurniawan and Alexander Iugov as well as many cases currently under investigation around the globe. The Presentation is also a prerequisite for Training Level I.

Authentication Training Level I is the essential first-step training for anyone who collects, or works with fine and rare wine–or is curious about wine authentication. Level I training touches on the many aspects of the bottle, and each are targeted by counterfeiters and authenticators to falsify and discover the frauds respectively. An in depth discussion of the major topics of counterfeiting and authentication. Level I is also a prerequisite for Level II.

Authentication Training Level II is a day-long intensive course for serious wine collectors, those who should authenticate wine in the workplace, and those who seek to become professional authenticators. We expand significantly on the subjects covered in Level I and introduce new and more complex subject matter about counterfeit production, Authentication methods  and anti-fraud technologies for many top producers. A significant amount of time dedicated to workshopping with real and counterfeit bottles of wine with the extended Authenticators tool kits provided.

Can I just take level II?

No. our trainings must be taken in sequence. You must attend the presentation and Level I to attend Level II.

Does attending this give me a certification?

No – these are just a first step. These classes do not give you a certification to authenticate wines. While the courses are in-depth and will provide you with tools and information to better discern counterfeits from authentics, counterfeiters and wine bottles alike are constantly evolving,  this course will better prepare you for what we have seen, but will not make you a TCM Certified authenticator.

For those interested in further education and a certification, we have a more advanced certification program called the TCM Certified Authenticator Program. This is a 6-month-to-yearlong, on-line and in person  education and training program which when completed allows the TCM Certified Authenticator to be licensed to Authenticate wine using the TCM marks, the Chai Vault and to do authentications as their own boss with support and advertising from TCM Certified Licensed Authenticators are not employees. For more information, contact us here.

What take home items do we get?

Aside from a head full of new, and at times disturbing information, attendees receive an authenticator’s toolkit which depending on which level of training you take, will provide you with the tools necessary to look at all of the aspects of a bottle and determine if it is counterfeit or not. You will also have had the experience at looking at one, or several bottles in your collection and will have received a verbal opinion their authenticity by Maureen Downey, or one of our other authenticators.

Is there a discount if my company sends multiple people?

Yes, if your company sends three or more people, we offer a discount. Email us here for more details.

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